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Yacht tourism in the world

Although there are no net figures in the categories of boats included in the currency related engine of this type of tourism, 4-month season data were obtained. Inflatable boats and engines inside the trunk with the occupancy of around 70 percent are not included. assuming that they work just the rental income of 150 million dollars and other foreigners coming to Turkey for these tours

With the expenditure of 5, it can be said that the country has a total income of around 300 million dollars. Blue cruises are now being made with gulet type boats, mega yachts and various types of boats, but gulet boats are still popular. Gulet boats lengths from 15 meters to 20 meters and widths from 5 meters to 7 meters. These boats can be rented by crew for the required day, but it is also possible to rent a cabin on a regular basis such as charter flights. The most beautiful part of the blue voyage is to open your eyes in the mornings in the mornings and enjoy the night life in a district where you can have fun. The crews of these boats are usually made up of 1 captain, 1 cook and three as a helper sailor. The prices have a price scale according to the size and comfort of the boats. It is easily possible to rent a boat with different prices ranging from boats that appeal to middle class to luxury mega yachts. However, if we talk about the boats that appeal to the center, it can be said that the rental costs are around 50 to 100 Euros per person in the high season.