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Boat Maintenance Techniques

CARE After Care 1) Do not leave your boat and salty. Especially in summer, if you have color on your board, it will burn the burning sun, gelcoat and paint that combine with salt. Wash the sailboat beautifully. 2) If anchored, wash your anchor cupboard, chain, anchor and rope. 3) Never leave overload on the windlass. Just keep the chain tight. 4) Attach your shore supply to charge the batteries.

MONTHLY CARE 1) Even if you are not able to get into the sea, run the engine of the sail once a week. The propeller and the carina will be cleaned. 2) Run the sea water foot pump and toilets at least once a week. You will prevent bacterial growth and lime accumulation due to the water standing inside the pipes. 3) If you have a generator, run it at least once a week for 5-10 minutes. 4) Check the battery voltages once a week and keep the boat connected to the shore power and the necessary fuse protections are available. 5) Ventilate the boat 2 times a week, let the dehumidifiers into it. 6) If there is maneuvering impeller, run once a week. 7) Ventilate your sails at least two days a month, during the winter months without sunshine and wind. Due to rainwater, sails in furling winding will produce algae and bacteria in the lazybag. 8) Ventilate warehouses twice a month, remove materials and soak them in the sun. 9) Wash the boat once a week and clean the boards once a month. 10) At least once a month in crests, boom connection, reels, eyebolts, tighten the rust remover with lubricating lubricant to the hoists (WD40). In this way they will be protected from corrosion.