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Shot of the Camden Sails

Shot of Camden Glass Camadan system is a system for sailing boats in sail boats. Many sailors do not use the glazing system on sailing boats. Because in hard weather they do not open the main sail or they only travel with the geneva sail. Or they will not sail on hard windy days that will require the mosque. In the strong winds, sailing boats begin to lie sideways with the force of the wind. After a certain lying (about 26-30 degrees), lateral sailing will cause the sail boat to lay too high and will disrupt the flow of water flowing through the rudders. In addition, the release will be activated due to this deposit and will increase the effect of the boat with the effect of the moment. Sailing boats start to slow down because of their designs. So on hard windy days, laying sailings will be slow, but it will slow down. When to shoot in the glass?

It is time to sail during the sailing, if it is necessary to sail in the rudder of the sail and if it is felt that the rudder should be pressed continuously under the wind. Since the sailing boat is lying more than necessary and the direction of the water flowing under the boat is disrupted, the rudder is losing weight and losing control. After a sailing boat, for a certain way of sleep, the keel is activated and the sailboat becomes uncontrollable. In this case, the angle of incidence should be reduced. This is the first sign that it's time to reduce sails. It will be difficult to unload sails with a permanent main sail quota and reduce the force on them. So shrinking sails would be the best solution