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Rental Yacht Boat Delivery

Rental of sailing Before taking the sailing boat from the rental company, you must make some checks to avoid problems. The following list will help you if you take it with you. 1) Examine the condition of the sails with the firm authorized and report any tears. 2) Open the sail of the sail and if it is water, share it with the authorized person. You will rent the boat after the tslim when the water will be bad. 3) Take a walk around the sailboat and look at the bent strips and struts, note the problems.

4) Check for fractures on and around the sail, and make a note of what you see. 5) Check that the toilet is running and the covers are not broken. Mostly toilet disorder and toilet seat cover breakage occurs. 6) Turn the cranes at least by a quick hand, making sure they work. 7) Operate electronics and autopilot and inspect it for any reason. 8) Start the engine and make sure that it is working, not smoke. Make a note in case you suspect. 9) If you are buying an outboard motor, check it and find out the working problems. 10) Check the anchor for anchoring and pull out the iron for a short time. During your holiday, you may be in need of most races. 11) Find out how many meters your chain is, it will be useful when anchoring. 12) Find out if the depth gauge is showing where it is from the boat or where the release starts. Otherwise, you can panic in shallow waters. 13) Ask for the fresh water capacity in the sailboat and make a plan for it. 14) Ask the operator if the winder's fuse, the fuse of the cranes, the fuse of the batteries and the main switches are located. 15) You will need a long rope to connect the boat to the stern, you need to know whether it is a long rope or not.