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Using Electric On Yachts

Charge with motor In such cases, the only way to charge your batteries is to start the engine. When you start the engine and idle, your batteries will charge, but the sound and operation of the engine will disturb you and your crew during the holiday. So I recommend it for a short time and idle high-speed engine to run faster. The higher the alternator on the motor, the more current it will deliver and charge. In order to use electricity on sailing yachts; 1) Do not open the hall and cabin lights unless necessary and do not leave the lights in the area where you do not use them. 2) Keep the electronic navigation devices closed when not in use. 3) The refrigerator is one of the most electricity consuming systems. So it is necessary to keep the cold air in it, otherwise it will work continuously and increase the electricity consumption. The door should not be left open, the door should not open too often, if it is two eyes, it should not be used much because it will miss the cold air close to the ground. In addition, to reduce consumption from late hours to early hours of the morning hours can be provided to remain closed for a few hours.

4) At night, while the coves are housed in the bay, the iron light on the top of the mast in the sailing yachts will increase the consumption when there is no LED. It should therefore be noted that it should not be burned prematurely and should be closed when the day is lit up early in the day. In addition, in recent years, sailors, instead of the iron lantern led to their boats and cheap lighting dh lower areas are used by hanging. 5) If there is an inverter on the boat, close the button even if you do not use it. Even when the inverter is not running, it will continue to draw current in case of stand by. 6) Charging your mobile phones from the 12V cigarette lighter socket on the boat will minimize the electricity consumption. Do not use inverters for them.