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Boat Bodies and Types

Boats are part of the lives of the sea lovers. Boats are a life for marine enthusiasts and they like to spend a great part of their time on their boats. Boats and boat types have also grown due to the technology we have reached today. It is difficult to categorize the trunk types of the boats. They can be categorized differently by different sources and persons. The most accurate way to classify the boat structure is the categorization which will be made by considering the structure of the boat, the body material and the purpose of use.

In the manufacturing stage, it is possible to divide the boat types to 2 according to the body type of the boat. They are designed by the designers to make the body of the boat u water-slippery îorì water-splitting Tasar. Boats to push the surface of the water in order to be able to push the water level is equal to their own mass. In other words, the boats are replaced by water. The mass in this definition is called displacement. The vessels with displacement bodies are intended to push water at optimum power. Sliding or, in other words, planer-based based boats are sliding boats on the water surface. Generally the motor powers are high. The base forms of these boats are often called Plain or V bases.